About Moonflower Marketing in Indianapolis

When Small Businesses Grow, Communities Thrive.

Helping businesses grow is about more than profit.

Profit is vital to your business. Without a healthy profit margin, none of us are staying in business long enough to do any good. However, we believe in more than profit for profit’s sake.

By helping your business grow, we know we’re contributing to the wellbeing of you, your staff, your clients, and the community you’re in.

This is the reason we do marketing.

Solving Problems and Growing Organizations.

I (Joe) have been using marketing and messaging strategies to help organizations grow since 2010. To be honest, I didn’t know that’s what I was doing at first. 

In 2010, I became the co-director of a dying student ministry at the church now across from our office. During my 5 years on staff, I learned how to leverage messaging and marketing through social media, email marketing, and web design to build the culture and grow the ministry by 10x in less than 5 years. 

Later, while working at my family’s law firm, I realized they were basically setting money on fire trying to market their practice. I took over their marketing and right away saved them thousands of dollars that year. After we stopped the bleeding and revamped their marketing, they began to grow steadily and consistently. 

Now, at Moonflower Marketing in Indianapolis, we help businesses, nonprofits, and churches all across the United States find the right words to grow their organization.

We would love to help you too.

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