Nonprofit Marketing

Increase Your Nonprofit Impact and Support

It takes more than passion to change the world.

You’re passionate about your cause, but it’s going to take more than passion to gain support and create the impact you’ve dreamed about. Too many nonprofits fail because they…

  • Don't clearly define the problem they solve.
  • Don't offer a clear solution to the problem.
  • Don't effectively call supporters to action.
  • Aren't telling the right story.

Money eventually runs out, and nonprofits close.

Joe Garrison Indianapolis Mayor's Community Service Award

Joe Garrison, our owner, receiving the Mayor’s Community Service Award from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett in 2023.

A clear story is what powers the most impactful nonprofits.

Creating a clear nonprofit message with the right story isn’t some magical fairy tale process. When you have a nonprofit marketing guide with a proven framework, the right words come to the surface.

Grow Your Support

When your nonprofit organization invites supporters into a story, you get more volunteers and more donations.

Reach More People

Show the people you hope to serve how their lives will be better on the other side of your support.

Create More Impact

With more support and more reach, you’re set up to create the impact that you’ve always dreamed of.

Nonprofit Marketing Agency - Indianapolis Candidate Forum

The community gathered for a candidate forum that Joe and the North Shadeland Alliance hosted in 2022.

Taking the first step to a transformational nonprofit is simple

Successful marketing for nonprofits doesn’t have to be complicated. It is simple to create a marketing foundation that will propel your nonprofit to growth and impact for years to come. Here’s how to get started…

1. Schedule a Call

Set up a brief introductory call so we can understand your mission and goals.

2. Get a Plan

We customize a plan that fits your goals and budget so you get exactly what you need to grow.

3. Make an Impact

Put your new nonprofit messaging to work to create more impact.

Storytelling is key in marketing for nonprofits.

As a nonprofit leader, you want to have a big impact on the people you’ve chosen to serve. To do that, you need to position yourself as a help to those people, and a trusted partner to those who might support you.

The problem is that personal passion can only get you so far. Eventually, you need to create clear and compelling messaging that connects with both those you wish to serve, and those you need to invite to join you.

At Moonflower Marketing, we know how hard it is to run a nonprofit organization. Our owner, Joe Garrison, co-founded one in 2020. This is why we work with nonprofit leaders like yourself to help you create clear and compelling nonprofit messaging, amazing websites, and powerful brands, so you have a big impact for years to come.

In 2022, Americans alone gave $499.33 billion to charity.

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