Clear Brand Story Marketing is now Moonflower Marketing

by | Feb 7, 2022

REBRAND ALERT: Clear Brand Story Marketing is now Moonflower Marketing.

At the end of 2021, another StoryBrand Guide called me. His business name was very similar to my business’s name and he was looking to trademark the name.

When I chose Clear Brand Story Marketing in 2020, I searched and didn’t come across his business. Indiana had nothing similar. So, I went with it.

After I got that call, I did a national Secretary of State search and found close to 20 similarly named businesses.

…OK, time to change.


The moonflower symbolizes something, “blossoming in darkness.”

Before I dipped my toe into the marketing waters, I spent 2 years having no idea where I was going. I’d resigned from a job, and career, I thought I’d have forever. I was burnt out and broken in a lot of ways.

I stumbled into marketing at just the right time. An opportunity to make some side money while I figured out what was next turned out to be a seed planted that would bloom during that time of wandering in the darkness.


PLOT TWIST: The moonflower is also poisonous.

Even the most beautiful things blooming out of darkness aren’t perfect. As Joseph Campbell once said, “The perfect human being is uninteresting. It is the imperfections of life that are lovable.

The core theme of Moonflower Marketing is, “When small businesses grow, communities thrive.” I believe through marketing, I can help small businesses grow and have a positive impact on communities.

Some of those businesses will need to bloom out of the darkness of decline, stagnation, debt, and more. Some of the cities they’re in will need to bloom out of their own darkness as well.

We’re all hopefully blooming out of the darkness of a 2-year pandemic that turned our lives upside down.

At Moonflower Marketing, we help businesses create clarity around how they solve their customers’ problems and bring value to their lives. Sometimes all a business needs to find new life, or greater growth, is to clarify its purpose and how it makes its customers’ lives better.

Shout out to Alex Pesak of APtheCreative for her fantastic work creating our visual brand. She knocked it out of the park.

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